mia - faith in my objections

009; for the record, i'm not fat...i'm fluffy

::Yawns:: Damn dryer...I should be asleep, but I put my clothes in around 11 to be down at around midnight...and somehow the dryer popped open...That somehow being my shoes being in there... so I just sat down by my dryer for an hour making sure they dried...not a total loss, though. I did beat Episode 3; Turnabout Serenade in Apollo Justice and quickly started Episode 4; Turnabout Succession...♥ That means I have to, after beating that, tough it out til the new game...whenever that is. ♥ That'll also give me time to play the Guilty Gear DS game I have...I found a new love for May. ♥

Today was pretty good...♥ I got to talk to both Uyo-seme and Aurora, which was amazing...you guys are so sweet! ♥ My mom took me to the Dollar Store and I picked up a few things and we had a few laughs. I like hanging out with just my mom...Mark makes things annoying. -_-

Anyway, I'm just trying to get ready for Saturday; a group of buddies and I are going to New York ComicCon! ♥! I'm actually pretty excited! I did my laundry, picked out my stuff. I just have to pack it and such. I need to take a shower tomorrow...so basically, the plan is;

1. Go to work...X(
2. While there, pick up my brother's birthday gift, try and find that DVD of Bleach Vol. 2 for $10 and make sure that the version of Cloverfield that you have reserved is the steel cased.
3. Catch the bus home at 5:45 to be home around 6:30
4. Once in Clifton, walk from the bus stop to the bank to withdraw admission [$35], money for Mom [$65] and 'fun' money [Anywhere from $100 - $125]
5. Walk back home & take a shower and take care of any other details ::cough::shave::cough::, hoping to be ready by anywhere from 7:30 - 8:00, hopefully grabbing something to eat quickly before then.
6. Have Mom drive me to Shu's house.

That's the plan...XD Hopefully, everything will work out just like that...But, I really should go now. I need to empty out the cat boxes for my mom, plus I want to pack everything up real quick so I can grab and go...♥ So, I'll be back around Saturday night/Sunday...♥ Oh, Dartz! I'm sorry I haven't replied yet! I'll try and get to it ASAP! Time eludes me...T_T Love you all...~!
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mia - faith in my objections

008; it's too late to apologize, it's too late

So, I am offically 20 years old now. Scaaaaaaaaary, man. I am no longer a teen and for some reason, that relieves and scares the holy hell out of me. ::Le sigh:: However, next year, I think I'm going to feel a bit more sick to my stomach. 21...even scarier then 20.

I spent my birthday exactly where I wanted to be; at Sai's. :3 I had slept over her house the night before and we just stayed up late and did a lot of fun stuff. I came back with my stuff at around 1:00AM, so it offically was my birthday. I finally got to see Atlantis, which was pretty awesome. I just...spending time with my best friend on my birthday meant the world to me...♥ Her sister made me cupcakes! :D! And they both sang Happy Birthday to me~::Flails:: That night was just spent being spazzes. ♥ When we woke up, we continued our mini-Disney marathon and popped in Kronk's New Groove and Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, two fine examples of Disney sequeals actually being awesome! I have more respect for Cinderella, let me tell you. :3 We were just doing stuff, waiting for the group to come over. The plans were going out to eat and at midnight, attending the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Bergenfield. So, Iwa, Koko, Sai and myself, as Shouri was still at her job, made our way to eat. Our intentions were to eat at Chillies, however the wait was far too long and we didn't have the time. Applebee's was next on our list...45 minute later...too long. We ended up just going to a Chinese buffet that was pretty good. ♥ They have awesome chicken and brocolli, lemme tell you. ♥ After the buffet, we went to go pick Shouri up, went back to Sai's house and played a game she had made for us! Her own version of Monopoly based on her original characters! It was so much fun! ♥ The time was roughly 11 and we got ready to leave for the show...and here's the sour part of the evening.

When I told Iwa where the performance was, I said, "You know where it is, right? Bergenfield?" And he nodded, insisting he knew the way. However, before I could realize quick enough, he was driving towards the other venue they play in. We turned around, the time being 11:30. The show started in 30 minutes. Koko was insistant that we could get there, as well as Shouri and Sai. Their optimisim was so refreshing, but Iwa...excuse after excuse. Koko was trying to look up directions to the other place on her phone and Iwa LET her...before telling her he didn't even want to try. She was so pissed...everyone in the car was...except him. Koko kept muttering, "If it were my fucking car, we would have been there by now..." And you know what? I believe her...Iwa kept making all these different excuses and Sai came to the conclusion that he never even wanted to do it to begin with and it makes sense...it just hurt me, it really did, to see that he did not care...we stopped back at my house so we could pick up my copy of Rocky Horror so we could just go back and watch it at Sai's. On the way back to Sai's, I was just upset...but I wouldn't let him see it...there was no point. He, apparently, didn't care. The girls, my angels, started messing with him...they sang songs they knew he hated...they took the headrest off the back of his seat and hid it...it was beautiful...he was being obnoxiously assholeish and they were just...getting back at him, is all. ♥

We finally settled down to watch the movie and a part in the movie came up featuring Meat Loaf [Eddie, for you Rocky Horror fans out there.] and he had to open his big mouth and go, "See?! THIS is Meat Loaf's voice! The other version wasn't!" Alright, fucktard...LISTEN..the version you heard at the theater, the one you're claiming wasn't Meat Loaf, is the original threatrical release hence, it HAS TO BE MEAT LOAF, YOU DUMB SON OF A BITCH.

For the most part, everyone ignored him...especially me. I just couldn't...he had bought me a cake [Story about this too...I asked if his mother could bake a cake, as his mother's cakes are amazing...but he said he refused to go back to his house to pick it up [::cough::5 minutes drive::cough:: so...he took it upon himself to BUY me a cake, which I did not want and count that as my gift...I'm not materialistic, really. Gifts don't mean EVERYTHING to me, however don't sit there and call yourself a God, alright?] and after the buffet, we were full. After the movie, time being around 2:30AM, he goes, "Well, are we going to have cake or what?" And Sai and I were full...beyond full from dinner and he sighs like a goddamn drama queen, "Well, I bought it...I at least want a piece..." And I turned around and said, "Fine, Iwa...take it home, how about that? Have a piece? Take it all..." And he just fell silent...I wasn't in the mood for that shit. It is was my birthday present, what right does he have, hm? So, finally, he just gave up and left...thank Ra.

Sometimes, I don't understand why the hell I bother. He had been getting progressivly worse. He's been rude, obnoxious and ungodly un-fucking-bearable...I hate to say this...but I'm almost at the end of my rope...

But, anyway...all in all, without Iwa being Captain Dickhead, the night was wonderful. ♥ Sai, Koko and Shouri were a pleasure and I just miss hanging out with the girls. This is why the plans in June/July might be changed. It was supposed to be just me, however Sai is working on perhaps having Koko and Shouri join us as well which would eliminate Iwa having to come at all...

So, my birthday was pretty kick ass. ♥ Shouri got me a little stuffed rose and I believe she is going to buy some fabric for me for a cosplay of my choice, Koko got me an awesome Light/L wallscroll...so sexy, Sai got me this beautiful little dragon statue and she drew me some things. :3 And Iwa...he got me something I already owned, so...yeah. After everyone left, Sai and I just talked for a while and we went to bed around 4:30. We had to get up early, around noon, so she could finish packing.

And today, Sai and I just hung around as she packed. Shouri came over and we ate some of the cake Iwa bought...we had a lot of fun. Sai's sister came over to get some more of her stuff, as she's moving back with her boyfriend so we basically just spent the whole time making fun of Iwa...it was fantastic. ♥ I left around 4, as Sai was going to be heading to the airport at 5...I didn't want her to go. D: It's not as bad, though...I'll be seeing her in about 3 months...and it'll go by fast, I know. I just can't wait...♥ April is a busy month as it is. This coming weekend, I'm going up to Pennsylvania to spend a weekend with my brother and his girlfriend and on the 19th, I'm going to ComicCon with a few kick ass people~♥

Coming home today...I found three things that nearly made me cry;
♥ My Godmother sent me a beautiful vase of flowers and a check for $50.
♥ Krissy-Mommy sent me some pretty awesome things. *-* She sent me a Light wallscroll which is drool-worthy, some Death Note stickers, beautiful stationary and a mix CD which was amazing. ♥ Thank you so much my Momma, my Aya, my Rika.
♥ A certain community...made by a certain amazing person...posted on by an amazing and wonderful set of friends...thank you. I swear it, I almost cried. I'm working on replying to everyone's entries...just...thank you...♥ I'm blessed...thank you guys...

I think that's about it...I've been babbling for quite a while...I'm just waiting for Sai to get home. Her plane left at 7, so she should be landing in a little bit...I already miss her. ♥ Anyway, I have to get some clothes together as I have work tomorrow. Wonderful. So, until next time...I love each and every one of you...♥
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mia - faith in my objections

007; let me come and let me go

I have come to find out that I epically fail at keeping more than one journal. ^^; I do apologize to those of you here for my long and rather retarded absense. Scribbld hath eaten my soul...HOWEVER...I will, with every fiber of my being, attempt to remember to update...and I feel horrid, as the last entry I wrote was kinda worrysome. ^^; So, here's a quick update on my life.

» Still working at Godiva, though there seem to be a hell of a lot more problems now. Nora, the keyholder, is getting very snippy and stupid with Sue, always being late and talking back...so, I think Sue is ready to let go of her. Score...♥ She's a jerk anyway~

» My brother and his girlfriend announced on Tuesday that I, around September or November, will be an aunt! ♥ I'm so excited! I've always wanted to be an Auntie! ::Dances around::

» Saturday, my best friend is coming home for a week! o^-^o She'll be here for my birthday on the 29th, which means quite a lot to me. I got a lot of time off of work to hang out with her and it's going to be quite the awesomeness.

» I haven't slept in my room for about 3 weeks now, maybe a month. =_= I have been attempting to clean it and all of my stuff is piled on my bed. Pushing all of it off the bed would only defeat the purpose and the progress, so I've been sleeping in the recliner we have have in our dining room downstairs...it's not too bad, I just miss my room. So, I'm hoping after all of this March excitment, I can get my room back from the jaws of the trash in it.

» They, as in doctors, think my dad might have cancer of the lung or the liver...they're not too sure yet and I'm trying not to spazz out and start crying...because it might not be true...I can't start getting so rabidly upset...I just wish I could talk to him. He's in the hospital right now and my Mom talked to him earlier and he was just like "I gotta go"...So, I am really worried about him. My mom just talked to my brother as well and she started crying...I can't cry, not yet...not until I know what's going on. I really want to cry...but...I'll try to stay strong...I actually just found this out about an hour ago, so...::Swallows hard::

Anyway, that's what's been going on with me. I've missed you guys who aren't on the other journal sites and if only for you, from now on, I'll be sure to remember to cross-post...love you guys.
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light - i am morally impure

005; until you come and sit a while with me

So, today had ups and downs...it was like the rollarcoaster o' Hell. I get to work, expecting to see José and...Sue's there. -_- Well, that's a great morning mood killer, adding in to me not getting to bed til 4:30 and waking up at 8. So, yeah...she was moderatly alright today. She was telling me about the manager meeting they had yesterday with all the store managers in the region and our bitch of a district manager. Apparently, Sue's little sister was planning on getting married Easter weekend and because it is Easter, a 'chocolate holiday' , she's not allowed to take off...I am...and I AM...because that's the weekend of AnimeBoston. So...she can fuck herself; she's a manager and I'm not. so, she was pretty somber. Then, some drama happened with Nora...so it was kind of just...a very drama-esc day. There's a whole other story, which I'll get to later. My mom called me to tell me she heard that Heath Ledger had died and I just kinda...I almost went and bought 10 Things I Hate About You but I couldn't find it. I just can't believe that he's actually gone. So, that was something to add to today's blah-ness.

And, the icing on the cake...I think I will put this under a cut for the sanity of people who are sick of hearing me whine and complain. :3

Collapse )

I'll most likely rant more about this later when I'm not so tired...so, I'll close here. So, until next time...later~
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ter/aqua/ven - on the run

004; sneaking around the back door, banging til we hear somebody say hoo hoo hoo

So, today was pretty much awesome! ♥ Iwa and I both woke up later, but we caught up with each other around the same time, so it was all good. After taking a trip back up to his house to pick up the ticket for the show we were going to later, we headed to Burger King for some lunch and some serious Pokémon business! XD He traded me a few starters, so now, I have a Squirtle, Bulbsaur, Torchic and a Cyndiquil! ♥ He must breed me more! After lunch, we had to head to Shouri's house real quick so I could drop off my money and pick up my ticket. The show we were going to was Shouri's little brother Iyasu's band and other bands competeing for a shot at real studio time and a slot at a huge concert. So, it was pretty exciting! ♥ We had some time before the show, so Iwa and I caught a movie; Cloverfield...OMG! It was utterly amazing! It was ingenius and just...amazign! Go see it! ♥_♥ Iwa and I were sitting there on the edge of our seats the entire time! Once we got out of our movie, we headed over to Shouri's and got ready to leave for Iyasu's big event!

And, to tell you the truth, I had a shitload of fun! The bands were pretty amazing and I ended up buying 2 demo CDs by the end of the night. One for a band called The Thief [they have a MySpace, btw] and they have a very Paramore-ish sound and I bought one for Iyasu's band, Eskort [they too have a MySpace! Check it out!]. There was a lot of moshing and cheese fries, so all in all...pretty fuckin' awesome~♥

After Eskort rocked the fucking house, Shouri, Iwa and I decided to go grab some grub! We stopped a diner and the food was fantastic, but now, we coined that 'The Diner From Hell'. Okay, our waiter, who Shouri named Pierre, was SO FUCKING SLOW! We got into the diner around 10:30pm, alright? Normal...we were done eating around...11:15pm or so...and we didn't get our check til about 12:15am...okay...WHAT THE HELL?! All three of us took turns going to the bathroom and it took until me, the last person, came back for him to be sitting there with a pen and paper, taking 20 minutes for simple calculations. X3 Shouri and I proclaimed that this was the Diner from Hell and they would never let us get our check to leave! XD When Iwa went to the bathroom, he didn't come back for a little while, so we said he either fell in the toliet or Pierre was in there having his way with him! XD AND! To get even with Pierre for being slower then shit, along with not tipping him...I bent one of the forks. XD Shouri was like, "You should leave him $1 so he could replace the fork!" SCREW THE FORK! Then, we all got dropped off and here I be.

Tonight, Shouri reminded me how much fun she could be. I mean, I think I get it...there was a long gap where we didn't hang out with her at all because we were busy and such things, so she was lonely, and her loud and somewhat obnoxious self could just be her trying to keep her attention, as certain people have made her believe she's not worth hanging out with. It's sad; no one deserves to feel like that. So, I believe Shouri has my faith once more...let's see where it leads. ♥

And, that was my night. All in all, amazing. ♥ I should get going to bed, though. 12 - 7:30 tomorrow and we have a store meeting. :/ That, and my ears are still ringing from all the loud music and screaming. So, until next time...love ya'll...later~
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haine - it's a ravenous world

002; are you sittin' in a bean bag chair, naked, eating cheetos?

Ho shit...a journaling site that's actually up. o-o GJ and IJ are both being kind of, well, stupid, and I kind of wanted to type something so...HELLO, LIVEJOURNAL. Be my friend, yes? ♥

Tomorrow and Tuesday are my first days off in about 4 days...yay for being lazy! Wrapping Christmas presents will, hopefully, put me in a better mood, a more festive, Christmasy mood. Work has been just sucking all of the OMGCHRISTMASISCOMING out of me...if you can believe that. Christmas is my favorite time of year and Sue and her damn 'let's screw everyone over' attitude is really just...::Sighs:: She called out today...I'm sure Marianne was thrilled with that. She's only supposed to get off 1 day in each week because of Christmas and she's going to be offered comp days for the other 1 day she's missing, 4 comp days in total...I guess she may get none for this...::laughs:: Good...bitch. ♥ God, she just makes me so bitter...that, and I think whatever stomach virus she has/is faking, I may have gotten...my stomach was just eating itself up and I had a killer migrance earlier. It's gone now...and my stomach does feel a little better. I'm just hoping it was all in my mind. I just really wanted to feel, well, Christmas-y. I found my Santa hat the other day...maybe that'll help?

I'm almost done shopping! I picked up half of my Godmother's gift, so all I need is Daddy's [a Visa giftcard] and Melissa from work [An Old Navy performance fleece, I believe]. And...I think I'm done. Satisfying, but I'm still waiting for a few things to come in the mail. That's nervewracking. I'm waiting for something for Kristen, something for Sai, something for my brother and something from a webside I had an order backordered from and they never got back to me on if I can cancel the order and re-order...-_- I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it...

Anyway, I should close here. I'm just rambling on now. So, until next time I remember to update, love whoever's actually reading this you all...later~
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haine - it's a ravenous world

001; my love & my laughter

I intend on actually keeping up with this, I swear it. Starting fresh and such, hm? If I can keep a GreatestJournal updated frequently, there's no reason why I should fail so much with my LJ. I bet most of you who have me added forgot I was even here. XD

Anyway, I just wanted to let anyone who actually still does have be added...Hi, this is Kei and I am not dead. :3 That is all. Off to read or something. Much love, everyone~
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